Stonewall-Mania growing as midnight nears

Here’s one of the many, many news stories about the hoopla regarding the April 2 release of our book:

Kids are Bull-Running to Get a Copy of Civil War Thriller

April 1, 2009

New York– As midnight approached and it was time for Stonewall Hinkleman & The Battle of Bull Run to be put on sale, Borders bookstore in Manhattan was filled with fans of all ages shouting out the answers to trivia questions such as: 

What is the make and model of Mr. Hinkleman’s flying car? 

Who was the headmaster of West Point before Stonewall Jackson? 

What is the middle name of Ulysses S. Grant? 

This was one of parties celebrating the release of the seventh Stonewall Hinkleman book, “Stonewall Hinkleman and the Battle of Bull Run” and many fans, some from Putnam County, had come dressed as Stonewall, Ashby and even Uncle Cyrus. 

So widespread is the interest in “Stonewall Hinkleman” that a Web site was set up to help readers find the party nearest them. 

There was the sense that most fans wanted to be part of something that is a cultural phenomenon. To make the release meaningful, the books authors insisted on complete secrecy. Copies of the book were kept in locked offices and sealed cartons.

When the cartons were opened, fans wanted to celebrate. 

“There’s nothing like being with other fans who get it,” said one young woman who was dressed up as Jefferson Davis.


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