Ramona / Stargirl / M. T. Anderson / Pinkwater movies?

Man, there is so much exciting Kidlit Movie news! Here’s me in fanboy mode writing about it:
Have you seen the actress who will be Ramona?

And did you note that the director, Elizabeth Allen, was one of the writers for the Stargirl movie?

And did you notice that Freaks and Geekster/Arrested Developer Paul Feig is directing Stargirl? With Ivan Reitman exec producing?

Remember when I noted that there was a IMDB listing for M.T. Anderson, but not for Octavian Nothing?

Well, the real info is hidden behind IMDBPro, but Google made a little slip and revealed the name “Sunken Places.”

Yes, there is an IMDB Listing for “The Game of Sunken Places.” No info (without going pro) but it does say 2009. Other places say 2008 by Paramount Pictures. (Did we miss it? Maybe everybody already knew about this but me?)

One site led me on by promising a movie poster. It didn’t deliver.

This site quotes a 2006 Hollywood Reporter article about it and says Nickolodeon is involved: http://www.pop.com/movies/3910020/news?item_id=3910022

Another site said it would be written by Matt Nix of “Burn Notice.” (I wonder if he ran into Bronwen “Harriet The Spy” Hughes over there?)

IMDBPro has an in-development credit for Pinkwater. One of you paid bloggers, needs to go Pro and find out the scoop!


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