The one and only inspirational quote I’ll ever post!

Not sure if I can keep that promise or not, but you may have noticed I’m not an inspirational quote kind of guy. But this quote — from one of your favorite writers, I’ll wager — just says it all. It relates to everything from the “Did Judy Blume Contribute to Children’s Literature?” debate (yes) to understanding James Marshall’s greatness. (As well as the reason why I throw down certain popular books in anger.)


To attract and keep an audience, art must entertain, but the significance of any art lies in its ability to express truths — to reveal and help us understand out world.

That was Bill Watterson in a postrscript to the C&H 10th Anniv. Book. This is a great C&H book to read, by the way, because of Watterson’s POTENT annotations alongside the strips.


One Response

  1. “POTENT annotations” The anniversary Calvin and Hobbes is my favorite, for that very reason. I love being let into Watterson’s mind, even if only for a little while. The man is one of my artistic heroes.

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