Dolly Parton Kidlit News? Let it be me!

A recent “news” story I saw said that Dolly Parton has a KIDS BOOK COMING OUT!

That’s odd, I said to myself, my agent hasn’t called me with news that  “Dolly Parton Presents… Dixie Stampede Blues” has been sold. Nor have I heard that “Dolly Parton Presents…. Pigeon Forge Days / Dollywood Nights : Real Ghost Pictures” has been picked up. (Same page, scroll to the bottom.)*

Sadly it turns out that Dolly Parton isn’t teaming up with me to give the Mid-Grade Romance Novel Biz a big Southern-style shake-up.

She’s actually teaming up with illustrators to make a picture book or two. Ok, Dolly, but don’t forget about me! Don’t forget about Jodie and Sonia, two southern kids with hearts of gold and part-time jobs at Dolly Parton Inc. Attractions.

By the way, BACA, Dolly Parton doing kids books is A-OK with me. She’s a great storyteller! Plus she promotes giving books to kids!


*When I went to the comments section of the Dixie Stampede Blues page, I noticed that after all this time no one has ever commented on it. However, I had linked to it 5 times. Make that 6!


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