Don’t cross the streams

My world is on the threshold of some sort of multiverse moment. This isn’t a fork in the road. This is a bunch of roads coming together with no stop signs.

1) Stonewall comes out next week.
2) We have our first Stonewall author appearance.
3) After 5 years of my Field Guide column, the newspaper is ready for something new starting next week.
4) A major bubble may pop for me, with big news expected regarding a beloved manuscript. Do you believe in miracles?

And lastly and perhaps most strangely…
5) on Saturday night I may begin my new sideline: square dance calling. This is not a joke! I’ve already had a lesson and I’ll be hanging out with an old pro on Saturday night. It’s not for sure whether I will make a trial run or just hide in a corner.

Add to all of that, a new MS in the final stages of revisions and both of my co-authors waiting on me to turn in a chapter.

The question that remains is: If during all this I’m spending time building Junkbots, does that mean I’m crazy? Or could the Junkbot building be keeping me sane?


2 Responses

  1. You may have crossed some renaissance man boundry with the square dance calling, my friend. That may just be one esoteric talent too many. Somewhere out there Leonardo Da Vinci is saying “Dial it down a notch, dude!” What I’m trying to say is that you’re starting to make me feel bad about the fact that the only two things I know how to do are taking pictures of toys and singing showtunes worse than anybody else on the planet!

    Also, this is probably as good a time as any to announce that I’m starting a movement to get everybody in America to start pronouncing the word renaissance the way the British do… that’s Re-NAY-Sahnce. Get on that. It’s just cooler.

  2. Before you give me the Nobel, please note that I haven’t actually called a dance yet. Nor have I actually excelled at most of the pursuits which I pursue so clumsily.

    Plus, you’re forgetting your many other talents, such as macrame owl unravelling.

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