Richard Armour Deja Vu

When I was in high school I loved Richard Armour. He wrote these mocking, silly synopses of famous books.
The bad side effect for me was that I had not actually read the books, so I assumed he was mocking them because they were lousy. (The other bad effect was a spoiler for Silas Marner which I still remembered when i read the book about a year ago.)

Something else which I had remembered bt forgotten was a picture of Queequeg looking like George Washington with a caption or speech balloon that said “Ridiculous.” I thought it was very funn at the time, but had completely forgotten about it.
Until last night when I was reading Moby Dick and Ishmael says “I know this is ridiculous, but Queequeg looks like George Washington.” That image zapped right back into my brain after 22 years!


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