Stonewall is recommended by the Bulletin … and fifth-graders

You don’t want to go against the Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books, do you? Of course not! Well, they’ve recommended “Stonewall Hinkleman & The Battle of Bull Run!”

It’s a wonderful review, apparently by the same BCCBer who reviewed Qwikpick. She gives a terrific synopsis of the book. (Probably better than I ever do.) She offers some criticism, but also some praise. And she delivers this geat line:

“Hemphill and Riddleburger may flirt with the whimsical by employing a magic bugle, but they have little patience with efforts to glamorize the conflict…”

Flirting with the whimsical! Blame me: few people have less whimsy than Hemphill.

Perhaps she would have found the bugle more alchemist and less whimsical/clunky if she could had seen Ben Franklin’s Instructions which are in the finished book, but not in the ARC that was reviewed.

It’s so nice to have your book reviewed by someone who seems to have been willing to really read the book and see what we were trying to do. And even better when that person gives you an “R” for “recommended!”


Here’s the report from a fifth-grade teacher, who read the book to her class…

They liked that Stonewall is a real kid that actually is real about his feelings for his parents. They also like the pace of the book. Just enough description to paint a picture, but not so much that it bores them.

The girls said that they too like the bloody scenes and that there really weren’t too many.
Really liked the use of fantansy mixed with historical fiction. I’m starting the Civil War unit tomorrow, so this book hast been an excellent way to build some background knowledge.


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