Who wrote Geronimo Stilton?

I’ve become somewhat enamored with Geronimo Stilton. Partly because it was MY dream to write Wodehouse books for kids and I’ve only now discovered that someone beat me to it with Geronimo Stilton.

But who is that someone? Elisabetta Dami, I suppose, but that doesn’t quite satisfy my curiousity…

The questions I have are these: Are the American books simply translations of the Italian ones? or were they largely rewritten or even newly written for American kids.
Are all 36 or so books by the same person? Or were they farmed out? Would someone like to farm #37 my way?

I’d also like to know if they really were Wodehouse-based? “Paws Off, Cheddarface!” seems especially Wodehousian, with the minor exception of the tank that appears at the end. Other than that, it is something that Bertie Wooster might easily have gotten himself entangled in.
Other stories, however, are considerably wackier than a Wodehouse, such as the Yeti-centric book “I’m too Fond of My Fur.” But even that has a plumbo-jumbo like baldness cure at the front of it.


One Response

  1. your storybooks rock!
    i am geronimo’s fan i love him he rocks
    he is so distinguished haha
    he is also hilarious
    i laughed my head off!
    My biggest wish is if only
    i can have all Geronimo’s & Thea’s
    book fo free

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