Shocking Submission Secrets EXPOSED!

If you’ve ever queried or even sent an MS to a publisher and wondered what was taking so long and why the SASE never ever came back, here is the answer, direct from Anthony Trollope’s “The Way We Live Now.”


On the following morning she [Mrs. Carbury] herself took the manuscript to Messrs

Leadham and Loiter, and was hurt again by the small amount of respect

which seemed to be paid to the collected sheets. There was the work of

six months; her very blood and brains,–the concentrated essence of

her mind,–as she would say herself when talking with energy of her own

performances; and Mr Leadham pitched it across to a clerk, apparently

perhaps sixteen years of age, and the lad chucked the parcel

unceremoniously under the counter. An author feels that his work

should be taken from him with fast-clutching but reverential hands,

and held thoughtfully, out of harm’s way, till it be deposited within

the very sanctum of an absolutely fireproof safe. Oh, heavens, if it

should be lost!–or burned!–or stolen! Those scraps of paper, so

easily destroyed, apparently so little respected, may hereafter be

acknowledged to have had a value greater, so far greater, than their

weight in gold! If ‘Robinson Crusoe’ had been lost! If ‘Tom Jones’ had

been consumed by flames! And who knows but that this may be another

‘Robinson Crusoe,’–a better than ‘Tom Jones’?


‘Will it be safe there?’asked Lady Carbury.


‘Quite safe,–quite safe,’ said Mr Leadham, who was rather busy, and

perhaps saw Lady Carbury more frequently than the nature and amount of

her authorship seemed to him to require.


‘It seemed to be,–put down there,–under the counter!’


‘That’s quite right, Lady Carbury. They’re left there till they’re





‘There are two or three dozen going to our reader this week. He’s down

in Skye, and we keep them till there’s enough to fill the sack.’


‘Do they go by post, Mr Leadham?’


‘Not by post, Lady Carbury. There are not many of them would pay the

expense. We send them by long sea to Glasgow, because just at this

time of the year there is not much hurry. We can’t publish before the


Oh, heavens! If that ship should be lost on its journey by

long sea to Glasgow!


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