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Stonewall Hinkleman has his own Facebook page now. Please befriend him!



Here’s an item I had completely forgotten: A store display I made for my homemade comics that I forced on my pal Steve, owner of Gypsy Witch Comics. He’s kept it all these years and posted it at his site, Plastic Pumpkins.   You can see why people declined the expenditure of a quarter.

Increasingly, “The Way We Live Now” reminds me of the way we live now. It’s a Great Book, but if you don’t have time for it try the Masterpiece Theater version (by Andrew Davies) which may be even better than the book.  

Some of you may recall that yesterday was a Bubble Day for me. That is… some important decision was to have been made regarding future books. Well, that may or may not be, but I won’t be hearing until Monday at the earliest. I’ve gotten so good at this waiting business that I’m hardly nauseous.   

At an Author Visit yesterday, I met a kid who looked like Lyle from Qwikpick, but was named Neeble, like Victor from Lizard Music.


Remember Chip, the guy who wearing my Wild Things Hat while reading the book to a bunch of kids outside on a cold day? He’s sharing his secrets of success in getting kids off of sofas and outside having fun.

Visit this site and download the toolkit to get a jump start:


I’m intersting in “Drood,” of course. It’s some sort of thriller in which Drood is a real person in the world of Charles Dickens and Wilke Collins. (As opposed to a fictional alleged victim in Dickens unfinished novel.) Apparently Drood is out to do some damage.

I wonder if the character of Drood is mad at Wilke Collins and Charles Dickens because, like me, he suffered through “No Thoroughfare” the book they wrote/bungled together.


3 Responses

  1. I thought Neeble was Leonard Neeble from Alan Mendelson.

    By the way, I know a family now whose last name is Herzog. I think of you every time I see them!

  2. Oh for goodness sake, how embarassing!
    Yes, Leonard Neeble is from AMBFM.

    If I may offer a defense, the lizards in Lizard Music say “”neeble, neeble, neeble” a lot!

  3. By the way, Lyle Herzog was named after polka star Marv Herzog.

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