Bristlebot update…

Here’s an update on the Bristlebot donnybrook. 

In case you missed the first post: One of my favorite blogs, Evil Mad Scientist Labs, posted instructions on making a “Bristlebot” robot from a cellphone motor, a battery and a toothbrush. (I tried it and it’s fun!) Now Klutz/Scholastic is out with a book/kit called “Bristlebots.”

The techie/maker community is furious. Check out their responses to Scholastic’s response.

 It sounds to me like Klutz and Scholastic are trying to make things right. Apparently they called one of the Evil Mad Scientists and have offered to credit them on the Website and in the next printing of the book.

Klutz is sticking to its story that the were already working on toothbrush bots. (As I said before, this makes since given the timing.) The Evils already sound satisfied and the whole thing may get chalked up to a misunderstanding. (To my mind, Klutz should give the Evils a book deal either way. They are billiant.)

But the damage is already being done. Check this out from the book’s Amazon page:

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