Assorted News

My co-author and I are gearing up for the launch of Stonewall Hinkleman on April 2. Suddenly I wondered, where does take people? Not where I want it to. How could I forget to create a Website for it? Maybe because I’ve been too busy with Superplexus.

Bargain of the year! I paid 95 cents for a used Superplexus! It’s an amazing creation that combines both the joys and the frustration of a video game. It’s probably the first non-video game I’ve ever seen that uses waypoints. Thank goodness. Otherwise I never would have finished.

In other news:

I’m finding that running on a treadmill is not the right environment for listening to “The Ladies of Grace Adieu.” Will “Voyage of the HMS Beagle” fare any better?

Did you see Neil Gaiman’s office/writing space in Entertainment Weekly? (It’s near the back if you want to check it out at a newstand. Twilight is on the cover — yet again!)

Peter at Collecting Children’s Books provides the full scoop on the Paula Fox/Coutney Love connection. (Sorry I failed to do so.)

If you finish a MS but don’t have enough ink to print it, is it really finished? That’s where I’m at now with my latest book.


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