Interested in the Tripods Movie? Learn more about author John Christopher…


If you’ve found this site while looking for information about the Tripods Movie, you probably won’t find any juicy Hollywood news. Try aintitcool or something for that.

HOWEVER you may wish to read my Interview with the author John Christopher as well as other posts from John Christopher Week.  (Note: the interview with John Christopher was done before the movie was announced and actually doesn’t go into the Tripod Trilogy very much or not at all.)

While I am leery of getting my hopes up for the movie, I cannot help but be interested in it. One item that I’ll be watching for is: How will the Tripods walk?

I’m also interested in the Lotus Caves movie which still seems to be short on details. (Note: that link is to an official-ish page which is entirely short on details or generalities either one. Clicking on Lotus Caves links takes you to sites labeled “Biblionauts.” Is there some sort of connection?)


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  1. Hey, Sam!
    Actually I WAS searching for info on the Tripods movie… trying to figure out whether or not to buy more copies of the books now or wait ’til they print new paperback movie tie-in editions… but I am happy to have run into you again.

    So… have you heard any updated info on a movie?

    And how is Stonewall Hinkleman doing? I recommend it every chance I get!

    Pink Me

  2. Howdy Pink! Thanks for stopping by, always nice to have a prestiguous commenter.

    Don’t know anything new about the movie. Wish I did.

    Stonewall’s doing pretty good! Thanks for putting in a good word for us!

  3. Oh I did learn a couple things.
    Via SciFiWire: It’s going to be three movies!

    According to movie insider, one of the screenwriters is Alex Proyas who wrote and directed Dark City. That seems like an excellent qualification to work on Tripods.

    • Hey there,
      I am wondering, has the original book been made into a “for school” video? I am reading the series to my son who is eight and I am having vivid memories of a movie, maybe my seventh grade class (well over twenty years ago). Is it possible? or was I merely transported to my imagination by such wonderful writting? Any thoughts?

      Thanks Kim

  4. Kim, here’s the way I was first introduced to Tripods in the sixth grade.

    We would watch a program where someone would read excerpts of the book while an illustrator would draw the scenes. It was surprisingly effective and really served the purpose of getting kids into books, especially when they ended with a cliffhanger.

    Thank goodness they had White Mountains in my school library so i could find out what happened next … and get introduced to the books of a great writer.

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