Good news, bad news

The following sentence will give you both the good news and the bad news….
I was a finalist for the Thurber House Residency this year!

Yes, can you believe it? A chance to spend four weeks in the former home of America’s Great Reporter Turned Kidlit Author! (With devilishly good cartoons in there as well.)*

(You already know I’m a reporter turned kidlit author, but you may not known that I have fancied myself a cartoonist at various times.)

It also would have meant receiving an honor that had recently been bestowed on the great Lisa Yee! And it would have meant more time to write than I’ve ever concieved of.

But as you noticed from the past tense of that sentence, I didn’t win. I got the phone call today.

Very disappointing, of course. I’m afraid a few castles in the air may have been built. (I was planning to try to write a new book from scratch while holed up in the writing room for four weeks.)

But, it does mean I’m off bubble for about two weeks starting now. Two weeks in which there’s no reason to expect any news either good or bad. Will I be able to just relax? (Not likely)


2 Responses

  1. Congratulations on being considered, anyway! That’s something.

    Maybe after “Stonewall Hinkleman” comes out, you’ll be up for it again.

  2. Sorry, I’ve been out of commission for a while … I wish you had won, but I know it was a great honor to be nominated .

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