Color Me Good!

Guess what? No, you’d never guess, so I’ll just tell you.

I’m in the Candlewick Story-hour kit. No, not my book, but ME!

 Librarians, teachers and parents who wisely choose to download the FREE kit and print out the activity sheets will be giving kids a coloring page featuring me (and some other things from the Bee-Wigged parade scene.) Look:


That’s me at the top left. I’m riding a unicycle while juggling with a chicken on my head. If it looks like I’m falling off it may be because I can’t actually do all those things at once. (Note: I do not start with the letter B, but bike, balance, balls and beauty do!)

The artwork is from my cameo appearance in Bee-Wigged, by Cece.

Bee-Wigged is one of four books in Candlewick’s Read To Us! Story-Hour Kit.

The others are Little Beauty by Anthony Brown, What the Grizzly Knows by David Elliott and Max Grafe and The Pencil by Allan Ahlberg and Bruce Ingman!

There are activites and ideas for sharing each book with kids. The other page for Jerry Bee is a connect-the-dot:



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