Looking for a love story? Try Qwikpick…

qwkcovertiny1 The Qwikpick Adventure Society did not make the Horn Book’s list of Love Stories.

In fact, even people who tell me they liked the book almost never mention the love story.

 But to me, that’s at the heart of the book. It’s Lyle’s love for Marilla that gives the story meaning for me. (It may help that I know what happens in the sequel.)

Possibly the moment the book took fire was when I wrote the bit about: “Marilla says to put in that neither of us [Dave and Lyle] are her boyfriend. Nor will we become her boyfriend by the end of the story.”

And the Lyle goes back and secretly adds: “But don’t worry! Wheels will be set in motion!”

That sort of made the whole thing come alive. That made it, to me at least, much more than a story about a poop fountain.

And then there’s The Great Origami Pegasus Disaster, where Dave wins a major victory by not only folding the pegasus (which Lyle couldn’t do) but by giving it to Marilla who hangs it in her locker.

But Lyle does have his moment, too. Wheels are indeed set in motion! Unfortunately they are set in motion whilst he is partially covered in sewage.


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