New Stonewall Hinkleman Review from 100 Scope Notes

100 Scope Notes has a review of Stonewall up. He’s written a great synopsis that makes the book sound very appealing.

The blurb I’d like to use on the jacket flap is:

This book has voice to be sure. Told first-person through the eyes of the titular Stonewall, readers will take to his modern, sarcastic, and often genuinely funny point of view.

He does offer a few criticisms and ends this way:
Being male, I feel qualified to say that this is a book for boys. It is. Nothing wrong with that. While it won’t win over every reader, there are a lot of boys who will relate to Stonewall Hinkleman, and wonder how they would react if put in his shoes.
This made my co-author say:
 Only a book for boys? Ashbys of the world unite!
Ashby is the book’s heroine and we (and Stonewall) think she’s pretty awesome. Whether she’ll be enough to entice girls to read a Civil War book remains to be seen. (Like Stonewall, she was named after a Confederate Civil War officer: Turner Ashby. Her name is a lot less embarassing, though!)
My biggest regret about the book is that there’s no picture of her on the cover.

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  1. Thanks for linking to my review – I appreciate your comments! I’m so used to writing a review and having that be the end of the line – it was a pleasant surprise to read your thoughts on my critique.

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