Make new motto for your country

The Freakonomics blog is running a contest to write a six-word motto for the U.S. :


My submission is:

Home of Elie Wiesel, M.C. Hammer

I’m not sure if that makes sense to anyone but me, though. But at least it’s positive. Many of the entries were very down on the U.S.

I am a fan of these six-word exercises. My novel is:

“My tapeworm tells me secrets, darling.”


One Response

  1. I’ll have to work on a motto.

    My six-word novel, which I actually submitted to a contest once, is:

    “Don’t open that, I think it’s …”

    I never heard back. Ah, well … I like yours, too. Nice and creepy. The “darling” at the end is a brilliant touch.

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