Don’t let the lack of Real Ghost Pictures stop you…

Long-time blog reader(s) will recallall the trouble I’ve had because of the term “real ghost pictures.”

Once upon a time, I posted some NOT real ghost pictures — clearly labeled a NOT REAL — and then had to endure smart-aleck teenagers telling me that they were not real in barely understandable Blinglish. (That’s the language of hastily writtern, smug blog comments.) The experience has left deep and lasting scars.

But now I see what a mistake I made. Instead of bemoaning the mess, I should have written a book about it:

Willin, Melvyn. Ghosts: Caught on Film. 2007. David & Charles, $16.99 (9780715327283).

The great thing about this book is that kids won’t be able to easily post comments like: Dude that are sooooooo facke!

True, kids could track down Willin’s address and mail him such comments but I doubt they will bother. The man’s got it made!


One Response

  1. I think you should write a book about it to. But then you may want those same pock marked faced teens back. Sorry thats a scary thought.

    Interesting post though.

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