Dickens on Masterpiece Theater (theatre?)

If my understanding is correct Masterpiece Theater is going to do a big Dickens blow-out for the rest of the season, with these films:

Oliver Twist

Old Curiosity Shop

David Copperfield

Little Dorrit

Can any faithful readers guess which of these I’m excited about?

Well, you know I don’t care for Oliver Twist much. Though that doesn’t mean they might not make a great show out of it. Same goes for Old Curiosity.

David Copperfield is, of course, a Great book, but this is a repeat. (Again, if I understand correctly.) (If you haven’t seen it, why not give it a try?)

And that leaves Little Dorrit. The great underappreciated masterpiece of the world’s greatest writer. Such a book!

The cast includes Andy Serkis and Annette Crosbie!

AND here comes the big news: Written by Andrew Davies! The Master!

Bleak House! Bridget Jones! Middlemarch! Middlemarch again next year! House of Cards! The Way We Live Now and on and on…

This may sound like hyperbole, but … Andrew Davies’ talent as a reshaper of great fiction for the screen may be as large as Dickens’ talent for writing it.


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