Happy Birthday, Stonewall Jackson!

Today is Stonewall Jackson’s birthday … an important day to me since the Civil War general is the basis of our new book, Stonewall Hinkleman and the Battle of Bull Run. (Due out in April.)

Now, Stonewall Jackson is easy to hate, being on the wrong side of the war and all. But he was a complicated person. As I discussed once in my newspaper column, there is a historically black church in Roanoke with a stained glass window of Jackson. Why? Because he had created a Sunday school for slaves and free blacks. (And his in-laws had helped the church’s first pastor go to college.)

He may have also been off his rocker, which adds to his intrigue.

I don’t want to give away any secrets of our book, but an important element of the book(s) is delving into Jackson’s life beyond his battlefield tactics. It will hardly surprise anyone that Stonewall Hinkleman, our modern-day hero, will meet up with Jackson after traveling back in time. Perhaps, Jackson will even be able to redeem himself?

So I have this soft spot for Jackson as one of my own characters, which may be completely out of whack with how I would feel about the man himself.


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