On the bubble double

Cece and I have been on the bubble — waiting to get a MS accepted or rejected — for so long now that we’re almost able to function normally.

I’ve been waiting since about August to hear what my Origami Yoda editor thinks of a new chapter book I’ve written. No problem. I can handle that.

But now I’ve added another bubble. I won’t go into details yet since it’s probably many moons away from anything official happening. But I’m SO excited about it. This MS is so close to my heart and SO much work has been poured into it, both writing and illustrations.

So, I just need to settle down into this new double-bubbled groove and adjust my watch for publishing industry time.

And most of all, I need to make sure that no thoughts of getting started on a sequel pop into my head. Remember the rule: write no sequels before thou art greenlighted.

A lesson learned the hard way with a little something called Qwikpick II.


One Response

  1. Hah! I learned that same lesson with Dizzy Lizzy II … definitely don’t write a sequel before the first book is greenlighted forgodsake. Good luck with bubble #2. Fingers crossed!

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