Mo Willems X Arrested Development = Sit Down, Shut Up

Entertainment Weekly has a sizable blurb (that doesn’t mention Mo) about the new show Sit Down, Shut Up.

See the picture and you’ll know Mo Willems was at work on it. (Well, maybe not that picture.) (IMDB has him as director, but obviously he wrote the show’s stylebook.) It’ll be on Fox in April.

A couple of folks EW forgot to mention: Cheri Oteri! Keenan Thompson!

Ah, makes me think about putting Keenan and Kel on Netflix…

moments later… WHAT? No Keenan and Kel on DVD? But I can get GoodBurger? The world’s gone mad!

Can he bring it back to Kidlit? yes, he can! Because I’ve been watching a little Clifford lately and enjoying Kel’s vociework as T-Bone!


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