I made $00000.00 Not Working at Home! You can too!

Ah, the delicious temporal lethergy of the post-Christmas week. Sure, last Monday and Tuesday I was in a rush to beat an early newspaper deadline. But that left me with an honest-to-goodness holiday vacation.

Fear not. I used it well….

1) Weaving whilst listening to “Northanger Abbey.” Here’s my second experiment at using “economies of scale” on my loom. In case the picture isn’t clear, what you’re looking at is a tangled disaster of paramount proportions.


2) Building a Lego Wall-e. I was rather proud to put it all together, since I don’t have nearly as many fancy pieces as I wish I did. There are probably a couple of antique blovks in there. Here’s the little fellow trying to clean the decades of trash and litter from my desk…



3) And lastly putting serious work into my Work in Progress. When I fired it back up, I saw that amonth had passed since I last wrote. But I had used that month to chew things over and put a lot of pieces together and have an inspiration or two. What’s it about? Here’s a hint:

Yes, this picture’s from Dolly’s Dixie Stampede, but no it’s not part of my wildly successful Dolly Parton Presents series… (See link at right. Or left possibly)


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