8: Approx. number of books I purchased today, including  Full Moon Soup by Alastair Graham. This book is a jaw dropper! Imagine a book like Where’s Wallace — Or Where’s Waldo if you must — in which every character has it’s own wordless story that you must follow from huge picture to huge picture. Sometimes the stories cross paths and they gradually build up to pure bedlam.

I saw it in the library once and today I jumped at the chance to own it myself so that I can study the massively detailed drawings at my leisure.

2: Number of recent Adam Rex mentions in big-time magazines (to my knowledge). As I mentioned before he got a plug in The Week recently. Today, I found Frank/Cake  in the Top 20 Kidlit Books (at a NYC store, I think). That’s pretty dang amazing!

11: Approx. number of scarves I’ve completed so far.

1283: Very approx number of knots tied so far.

Current WIP:




*Actually, I know almost nothing about Asterix, but I saw a reference to Vitalstatistix today and thought it was awfully clever.


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