I’m not hibernating…

… I’m hanging out over at Sock Monkey’s Holiday Funland at www.cecebell.com .

I’ll be spending most of the rest of the month putting up Holiday Joy as fast as my modem can handle it. Rather than doble posting, I’m mostly going to be referring you to that site. But I will post some of it here, including my Xmas picture “book:” Robot Cowboy Saves Christmas.

Right now I’m trying to work out instructions for my own Origami Santa Claus.


The problem is that there are some sketchy moves on the backside and words just can’t seem to describe what needs to be done. I may have to do what the Origami books do and just draw a fat arrow. That’s often a code for “wrestle with the paper for three hours until it rips, then try to fake it into looking like Santa’s hat.” (Wow, I’m channeling Lyle here.)


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