What I’m reading now…

With Bee-Wigged MANIA winding down long enough for people to run to the stores to by it, I find I have time to tell you about a book I’m reading.

Believe it or not, it’s non-fiction!

America's First Great Runner

And get this, the author Ed Sears is my local librarian!

The amount of research that went into this book just seems insane. Yet, it doesn’t feel like you’re reading a researched book. It feels like you’re reading a story about a man who was so fast that he couldn’t find anybody willing to race him fairly. So he had to give people head starts or run a hurdle race against horses, etc…

This was a time before the Olympics or even organized competitions when racing was of the purest “I bet I’m faster than you” variety. And George Seward WAS faster than you … or anyone else he could find to run against.

Every once in a while, Sears will note that some piece of information wasn’t available and you’ll suddenly remember that Sears had to go out and track all these little bits down and weave them together. He did a great job of it!

Somehow,  librarians need to get this book  into the hands of track and cross country runners.


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