Bee-Wigged Blog Tour is right here!


Welcome to Day One of the Bee-Wigged Blog Tour!

Since I’m going first, I’ve decided to do a little synopsis of this smashing picture book. That’ll also give me a chance to show some of my favorite pictures from the book:


by Cece Bell (my lovely wife & co-conspirator)

 Jerry Bee just wants to be nice. But he’s such a big bee that he scares everybody.


But then he finds a wig…


Now he can be nice to people without scaring them, plus since he looks like a boy he gets to go to school. He’s so nice that everybody loves him…


But then … a gust of wind exposes him for what he is … a giant stinging insect!


Oh, Jerry! Everyone runs! I don’t want to spoil it! There’s a shocking twist! But a good one! In the end, the power of being nice prevails!

This book is or could be about many things:
  • Being nice
  • Positive energy
  • Fitting In / Accepting people who are different
  • Doing well in school
  • Sticking up for your friends
  • Bees/Wigs/Sudden gusts of wind
But it’s also simply a good story about a character you’ll root for.
Head back to Cece Bell’s page for rest of the blog tour schedule…

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  1. Oh, looks great. My Amazon bills are piling up, but I’ll have to order it 🙂

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