Sweet Daisy’s new Nasty Poem

You folks remember Sweet Daisy, right? Well, she’s struck again. With a brand new poem!


At an early Qwikpick Instant Poetry Contest she composed a funny, to the point, stinky poem. (Stinky poems are part of my book, The Qwikpick Adventure Society, and I use that section of the book to get kids to write short, fast & stinky poems. A reading, voting and prizes follow.)

Anyway, Daisy’s original poem was:


I smelled this poot

And it was very yucky.


My original post of the poem has received 1,136 hits. So when I ran into Daisy and her mom again recently, I asked her to write me a new stinky poem. As you can see. Her writing has matured since her earlier work. And while she offers a variation on the original theme, she now chooses to shed new light on the subject matter and it’s origin.

Here is Sweet Daisy’s NEW Nasty Poem:

My Bruther’s poots smell

rely bad! They smell rely BaD

rely Bad! Poot Poot! See

I told you.

Thanks, Daisy! And Daisy’s Brother .. I’m sorry.


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