The Bee-Wigged Party

The party for Cece’s new book was great! I mean really great! It’s like the polar opposite of a lonely chain bookstore signing.

The first photos I’ve uploaded are here: . 

Steve Altis’s more comprehensive take on it is here:

(Note: Cupcake photos are especially worth a look. Cece made 153 Jerry Bee cupcakes!

There are several items of note for this blog:

1) Tiffany Trent, of Hallowmere fame, attended!


2) Steve Altis of Plastic Pumpkins fame attended! And he has his own take on it here:

3) Daisy of SWEET DAISY”S NASTY POEM FAME attended! AND… She wrote us a new poem! And it’s NASTY! But I’m saving it for a Poetry Friday.

4) Two of my co-authors were there: Michael Hemphill who wrote Stonewall Hinkleman with me was tuxedoed and the emcee for the many giveaways. Mary Hill who’s writing [TOP SECRET] with me was running the craft table for awhile.

5) Not only did I bask in reflected glory all day, but a few Qwikpicks were sold and hopefully some of my new Stonewall Hinkleman bookmarks were picked up.


2 Responses

  1. That’s terrific!

    I hope that the book is a huge hit.

  2. Congrats! Sorry I missed it. I did think about driving down. Maybe for your OY launch!

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