Six pieces of vital information

I moved #1 down because it rambled on so long…

2) I was checking out the Website of my new hero, Brian Sibley, and saw a link to an article about Cruella which he had been quoted in. It’s a very interesting piece…

It includes the stunning information that Dodie Smith wrote the book with an animated movie in mind.

–don’t miss Sibley’s book blog:

3) I’ve been too ill to work on my major new project, a non-robo-loom, but yesterday I completed my first scarf on it. Pictures to follow at some point and possibly DIY instructions.

4) Hopefully, I’ll be feeling better for the big Bee-Wigged launch party tomorrow! Have I mentioned that someone is going to win one of the original paintings from the book? Other prizes will include original Sock Monkey art. Astonishing.

5) Yesterday at B&N: Picked up book. Noticed glowing blurbs. Quite willing to buy book. Read a little. Recoiled from the reek of pretension. Put book back. Still fuming about it, but too darn nice to name names.

6) Adam Rex gets a shout-out in The Week! Wow! Possibly from John Hodgman, the PC guy from the Mac commercials. He said that he had gone to a booksigning and arrived to find that a previous signer, Adam Rex, had left a book for him – Frankenstein Takes the Cake, I think. 


1) Nothing takes the edge off being sick like being in the middle of a great book. How delightful to plow through the pages tucked up in bed for hours on end.

Sadly, I am not in the middle of a good book at the moment. Not having decided which tome to tackle next. More Trollope? Reread Bleak House? Finally try “Mayor of Castorbridge?” Continue my dabbling with American authors? I haven’t made up my mind yet.

So I have spent my time with “Peake’s Progress.” I can’t quite say that I love it. While I consider “Titus Groan” and “Gormenghast” together to the be the very finest writing ever done, I’ve had trouble grokking much of the rest of Peake’s work.

There are however some great things in this collection. Captain Slaughterboard, for example, is a monster of a story. Not necessarily pleasant, but raw and right there like a Goya painting. I have similar feelings for “Titus Alone” the third Gormenghast novel, which is nearly unbearable.


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  1. Feel better soon! And good luck to you and Cece tomorrow … wish I could be there!

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