Jerry Bee Mania Growing


Here’s one of the Jerry Bee buttons we’ll be giving out at the big Bee-Wigged Party. Don’t have an invitation? You’re invited! Click here.

We’re not so much focused on the Bee-Wigged book launch as on the book launch party right now. Saturday is the big day and there’s all kinds of great stuff on the program, including a combination raffle/spelling bee. Cece’s preparing for a monster baking day to make a truckload of bee-striped cupcakes. And I need to get in high gear to get some Stonewall promotional material together in time to add to the freebies.

If you can’t come, don’t fret. I’m planning to post the kiddie crafts online as best I can and, of course, you’ll be able to buy a copy of Bee-Wigged through any of the usual channels!


One Response

  1. That is so CUTE! I love it! I still can’t quite justify a trip to VA, but I just had to say I love that button!

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