Meeting a real fan…

It was quite a week! Did I mention I did 7 shows at 3 schools in 2 days? Good times!

At one of those shows I launched into my thing and this kid announces that he was the Penny Basketball Champion at a show I did last year. (In case you’re not hep to the Qwikpick scene, Penny Basketball, along with crab soccer, are the favored sports of Lyle and Dave. The book includes Dave’s illustrated instructions for playing Penny Basketball.)

Then the kid claimed to have checked Qwikpick out of the library 5 times. FIVE TIMES! After the show he and his sister practically forced their mother to buy a copy. If she had said no I probably would have given them a copy.  I got their picture, but I failed to ask for permission to put it online. But trust me, they’re a couple of real Qwikpickers!


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  1. Yay! Kinda makes some of the crappie parts of publishing worth it, huh?

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