Qwikpick’s (second) Cybil Nomination!

As I may have mentioned earlier, Qwikpick got nomination for a Cybil again this year — and this time by someone I didn’t have to pay!

While, Qwikpick won’t actually get to compete again, I was so pleased by the nomination that I wrote to the librarian in question to say thanks. She agreed to let me post her thoughts on the book:

I love the book – you did a wonderful job of using the word “poop” an unbelievable number of times while still managing to weave a clever, funny and sensitive story of friendship and adventure.  I literally snorted with laughter on more than one occasion.  I hope there will be sequels!
Rebecca Bartlett, MLIS
Parrsboro Regional High/Elementary Schools
Thanks! And I hope there will be sequels, too. But it’s going to require a lot more libraries and bookstores to add this book to their shelves — despite the poop. Let’s go to commercial…
 The Qwikpick Adventure Society is available for order in the spring Penguin Young Readers catalog. It’s right there on the page with our new book, Stonewall Hinkleman and the Battle of Bull Run.
Also available from Powells, Amazon, B+N, hopefully your local independent bookseller and directly from me if you’d like a signed copy. (free shipping from me!)

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