Red States Fell Apart – The Jello Doctrine

Cece’s USA Jello Mold had a little trouble with the red states.

13 Responses

  1. You know, this would be just about the perfect picture for a caption contest!

  2. Okay … winner gets the leftovers! Which are delicious by the way…

  3. “A Prophecy in Jello”

  4. Hello. Visiting from Wickle’s blog, but Wickle and I have plenty of differences, so don’t judge me immediately by him. 😉

    If I hadn’t just had a pretty enlightening conversation with a black Christian lady who voted for Obama, I probably wouldn’t see as much significance in this picture. I wonder if I am getting all of the symbolism you are getting. If you decide to write about all of the meaning in this photo, I would be interested in reading it.

  5. Wait, I’ve got a better one …

    “Be Glad This Picture Isn’t Qwikpick-themed!”

    If no one else participates, I’ll just keep going.

  6. Keep going, Wickle!

    Here’s one:
    McCain’s pick of fresh pineapple as a running mate causes Jello decoagulation.

    (You do know about Jello and pineapple, right?)

  7. OK. I have one. This can even be the title for that kind of recipe: “Bittersweet Justice Desserts”

    Bitter for the Republicans. Sweet for the Democrats. Republicans got their “just desserts” but feel that justice deserted them. Got all that?

    Here’s some of what I read from the pic: Blue (representing dems but also seen as representing blacks and minorities) at the bottom having been repressed due to the Repubs being in charge or the blacks discriminated against. They have now burst forth through the heart of the nation and taken the presidency plus the house and senate. They now have free reign, no longer the under dog.

    Originally I thought the stuff coming out was blue. Now I think it’s purple? Which would mean a mixture of red and blue . . . meaning . . . diversity? I would have made it blue. Blue exploding out. Although . . . Lots of Repubs voted for Obama, I think? Maybe purple IS best.

  8. “The Bleeding-Heartland”

    This one’s a stretch, but …

    “Under President Tancredo, There Isn’t Even Room For Jello”

  9. Gee, why the cheap shot against Tancredo?

    Here’s another:

    McCain-Palin: Country Burst!

  10. Oh, alright … If Rep. Tancredo is reading this, I apologize for the cheap shot.

    Seriously … I just really wanted to get in a line playing on the “There’s always room for Jello” line. That was the first thing that came to mind, what with his “America is Full” t-shirts.

    My next offering:

    (A team effort by my wife and me) “Republicans slide from the top”

  11. I’ll take a shot at it:

    This is what happens to your campaign when your VEEP’s primary qualification is that she jiggles.

  12. Good grief, we’ve gone from cheap shots to crudity! What is this rec.juggling? I think it’s time to shut this caption contest down. For one, thing the leftovers are no longer appetizing….

  13. to take a line from Laurel and Hardy (riddleburger, you may not know who I’m referring to) …

    “well, this is another fine mess you’ve gotten us into”

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