They’re remaking the Last Dragon —

And let me go on record right away as saying — NO NEED! The movie is perfect! PERFECT!

How are you ever going to recapture the Wabi Sabi that makes The Last Dragon so much more than just another kung-fu movie? You can’t do it. Bruce Leroy walking through Harlem? No, you’ll never top it.

You want to make a sequel? Fine, as long as it stars Taimak. As I may have mentioned, I just saw Taimak a few years ago at a revival of the movie. He looks great. He’s still got the moves. And he is the one and only Bruce Leroy!

And we’d need Glen Eaton  and Leo O’Brien back, too. And this time Ernie Reyes Jr. will be old enough to have a few more lines. I understand that the original Sho Nuff has passed away, so casting Samuel Jackson is fine.

 Faith Prince! Yes, we need her, too. She’s the gravitas of the original when she sheds her Cyndi Lauper routine and reminds Eddie Arkadian that he’s also from Kew Gardens.

So many great actors in the movie I could list the whole IMDB list here and demand that they all be invited back. Mike Starr, Vanity, Jim Moody!

C’mon, just make a sequel. Or just rerelease it!  Put a new soundtrack to it if you must. BUT NO REMAKE!

And if you DO make a remake and Taimak isn’t in THEN MAY GOD HAVE MERCY ON YOUR SOULS!


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