Palin: Eats, Shoots Moose and Leaves

Clearly, I have no ground to criticize someone else for a spelling mistake, however you’d think that in a presidential race with the FATE OF THE WORLD AT STAKE that the $12,000 hairdresser could have run a spellcheck…


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  1. Ugggh …

    My third grade teacher, my beloved Mrs. Sowell, told all of us that spelling was very important. Spelling properly makes the difference between whether people will think you’re intelligent or stupid. (She didn’t mince words much.)

    The only two spelling words I remember having to learn in 3rd grade were “Wednesday” and “February,” and she was very uncompromising that we learn them correctly. I suspect that everyone else who was in my class remembers the same.

    I might have had a point when I started this comment, but now I’m just sharing. Ah, well …

  2. Still to this day whenever I write the word ‘wednesday’ (like just then) I say ‘wed-ness-day’ in my head just to make sure I’m spelling it correctly.

    Sort of completely off topic, but only a little bit… when I worked in a library, the woman who was second in charge of the whole place always called it a ‘liberry.’ Ooooh, how I had to bite my tongue!

  3. Well, like I say, I’m a terrible speller and typo-maker, so really I shouldn’t have said a thing.

    Perhaps I should have pointed out instead the EGREEGIOUOS statements she made in the letter including a plea for money to combat the “fearful rhetoric” of Dem.s who, after all, have a “fearful and pessimistic mentality.”

  4. She’s complaining about fearful rhetoric?


    By the way, my wife and I loved the title of this post. “Eats, Shoots and Leaves” is very popular in our circle of friends.

    As you said, it’s one thing to make typos. It’s another not to notice the spell-checker.

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