Riddleburger News

1. Saw Carolina Chocolate Drops last night! WOW! I had seen Youtube videos of them before, but those just don’t do them justice. These guys are great! Cece and I are pretending they’re our real life friends.

2. Birthday present from mother-in-law: “Tales for a Winter’s Eve” by Wendy Watson.

3. Laughing and crying at the same time over the Ron Howard for Obama video.

4. Several firsts at recent show:

  1. One of the rowdiest shows ever: Girl gets bonked in nose, comes back with icepack.
  2. Same show: a teacher falls asleep.
  3. Same show: The kids’ poems are so gross I have trouble finding ones i can actually bear to read out loud.

5. Wrote quite a bit on new MS today!

6. Drop by http://www.cecebell.com for your invitation to the Bee-wigged Launch Party coming up on Nov. 22!


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  1. Happy belated birthday!

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