Avocado of Death Week – Cooking with Pinkwater!

Last year, for Baconburg Horror week, I made something akin to a Jitterbug. It was not good, but had more to do with bad ingredients than with Pinkwater’s imagination.



Sadly, I had similar results this year with the Avocado and Banana Fritters.

“They were not unlike a banana-and-avocado fritter I once tried in Dar-es-Salaam…”

-Master Detective Osgood Siggerson


The avocado I used to create the Alligatron was nice and squishy, but the one I bought to cook with was hard as a rock! Thus the fritter was simply the wrong texture. Fritters should only be crunchy on the outside. But, with a suitable avocado, I think this could be quite tasty. Also powdered sugar is a must and we were out.

One side note: The recipe was for beer-batter fritters. But we don’t have beer on hand, so I used some Dr. K.


Another note: I was reading “The Agony and the Eggplant” today and Professor Hogan mentions the many foods of Pinkwater. Somebody — who can cook better than me — needs to create a Pinkwater Cookbook.


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