Avocado of Death Week – Webmaster Ed Interview

Pinkwater devotees have come to know and love Webmaster Ed as the charming host of the Pinkwater Podcast. We can also thank him for posting the audio book chapters which are worth their weight in gold. I don’t have a picture of him, but I imagine he looks like this when he and Pinkwater get together for a chat…

> 1) How did you become Webmaster Ed? What are the perks? Is Pinkwater nice?

I became Webmaster Ed by asking nicely and promising not to reveal the exact location of DP’s Fortress of Salami. The perks? Review copies of books on occasion and the opportunity to work with one of the greatest — and did I mention nicest? — talents of our generation.

> 2) What is your favorite DP book? How about your favorite non DP book?

My favourite DP book is Borgel. My favourite non-DP book — at present, at least — is Wheater’s Functional Histology. So many pretty pictures!

> 3) Last year we had Baconburg Horror week, this year it’s Avocado of
> Death week partly because you just finished posting the audio book on
> pinkwater.com
> Who decides what gets posted? Do you have influence? Do you get requests?
> I’m wondering what book Pinkwater fans want to hear most. What can we look
> for in the near future?

Hmm.. Generally, what gets posted is what I have available at any given
time. Most of the originals are on cassettes of varying quality, and it
often takes a while to transfer them over to digital form and clean them up
a bit. Right now, I’ve got Baconburg Horror and the first half of Borgel
lined up to be added, though if Daniel has the time and inclination, we
might be able to add other titles beyond those. Requests are always welcome!

> 4) Ever since the Neddiad, I’ve been wondering if there’s some sort of
> Pinkwater Codex or Cosmology. For instance…[REDACTED]…
> Anyway … you got any grand ideas along these lines? DP doesn’t seem to
> have any interest in this … but perhaps he’s being paid to keep quiet.

It’s an interesting idea, but I think I’d get a grand old headache trying to
piece together all the pieces of a Pinkwater Cosmology, especially since the
line between fiction and reality gets blurry in more than a few places. Mind
you, we do have a good attempt at it — the Hoboken Chicken
Emergencyclopedia (pinkwater.com/hce), which is sorely in need of an update.
(Volunteers welcome, of course.)

> 5)Man, your trivia questions are HARD!

Can’t have everybody winning fabulous and exciting prizes now, can we?


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  1. I love your theme this week. Thank you.

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