Avocado of Death Week – Snarkout Mania begins again!

Transmission from the Alligatron:

Hello Kidlit Lovers, Pinkwater Fans and Real Estate Agents!

Prepare for a week dedicated to the novel, “The Snarkout Boys and The Avocado of Death!”

I am the Avocado of Death, more properly known as the Alligatron. Sadly, Flipping Hades Terwilliger only has dial-up access, so I usually don’t bother with the Internet. Especially, since Facebook got rid of Scrabulous.

But this week is worth logging on for! We’ll have interviews with Daniel Pinkwater and his wingman, Webmaster Ed. And possibly a surpise guest.

But first, you need to read the book.

On paper: Five Novels, this collection also includes “Alan Mendelsohn” – The Middlemarch of Kidlit Novels and one of my favorite “obscure” Pinkwaters … “The Last Guru.” This book is a highly recommended addition to any home library. 

If you don’t believe me, just take a look at Amazon’s list of keywords from the book: 

omega wavesblue garlicgong crashingperfect spiritual masteravocado pie

performing chickenbiology notebookchili parlorexistential planelunch court

magic gem,fifty monksspace piratesgreatest detectivegiant television screens

raisin toast

Audio: Download the entire book on Mp3s for FREE at www.pinkwater.com!

For those of you who have already read the book, this might be the right time to revisit “Baconburg Horror Week,” last year’s week of posts devoted to the werewolf-wonderful Snarkout sequel.

This year’s “Avocado of Death Week” posts should all be tagged “avocado,” so if you’ve joined us mid-way or after the week is over, clicking on Avocado from the tags should bring up all the posts.


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