Sam’s Halloween HQ

Two weeks to go and Steve @ Plastic Pumpkins and I are just getting started with the Halloween fun. We’ll have to make these remaining days count, eh, Steve? 

Before I really get started, though. Don’t forget about some of the goodies from last year…


Pumpin Carving Tutorial


Our Willy Wonka outfits, starring Sock Monkey as Wonka. (This one gets a lot of hits.)


Last year’s PVC thing: a giant PVC skeleton. (This year I’m hoping to make a PVC castle. I’ve invested in a lot of new joints.)



My “Dolly Parton Presents” book “Pigeon Forge Days, Dollywood Nights: Real Ghost Pictures.” Spooky romance! Just like Twilight! Oh what the heck, I’ll just post it here


Dolly Parton Presents… Pigeon Forge Days, Dollywood Nights: Real Ghost Pictures
Jodie and Sonia both got jobs in Dollywood’s Haunted House, but just when Jodie gets up the courage to ask Sonia to go steady … she’s distracted by a new guy. Jermaine is hot, cool and has the best ghost costume in the whole haunted house, but Jodie’s starting to wonder if it’s not a costume!

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  1. I was so unprepared for Halloween to roll around! Did we skip a month or something? Was there a September this year? I don’t remember there being a September this year…

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