Hank Williams Jr. and Palin

The campaigns have been hitting Virginia and Palin’s recent stop in Virginia added to the already long list of stranger-than-fiction happenings.

I was enjoying a story entitled: Palin Mistakes Fans for Protestors…

In which the crowd begged for the volume to be turned up and Palin responded: “I hope those protesters have the courage and honor to give veterans thanks for their right to protest.”

… when I came across this crazy news nugget from the Far Side:

Hank Williams Jr. played a version of his song “Family Tradition” with the lyrics changed to attack the liberal media. I wasn’t there but I assume it went a little something like this:

Hank, why do ya drink?

Hank, why do ya smoke?

Well, if I get stoned and drink all night long it’s just the fault of the liberal media.

Actually — again from the truth is stranger than fiction department — the real lyrics are if anything FARTHER out there. Note that Hank actually attempts the Jim Morrison feet of rhyming “choir” with “higher.” (Well, they do rhyme!)

Some are bound to tell you I’m
Preaching to the choir 
And that is very true
And we are going even higher
Like a mama bear in Idaho 
She’ll protect your family’s condition


Personally, I’m sorry to hear that Hank is doing the McCain thing, but I’m consoled by the fact that WE’VE GOT RALPH STANLEY!


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