Big Blog News – Pinkwater interview coming

Yes, folks, I have secured another audience with the Man Himself, Daniel Manus Pinkwater, for the upcoming “Avocado of Death Week.”

In case he didn’t want to do it, I decided to ask him before making a list of questions. I sent off the email and KAPOW I get a response back saying “send it NOW.” Did he mean “now” like right this minute? I typed up my questions pronto clicked send and went about my business. I came back to the computer two hours later to see that the message had not gone through. I had missed the NOW!

So I sent it anyway and KAPOW it comes right back with answers. The man is a) a speed typist and b) terrifying. Once again I’ll have to hope that his terse answers are Eastern European wit and not personal animosity.

Though his answers are short, they are interesting enough that I’ll probably break them up into several posts. 

Meanwhile, I’m halfway through listening to him read The Snarkout Boys and The Avocado of Death. If you haven’t read it and especially if you HAVE read it, you need to hear him read it. Best of all it’s free on 

Go ahead and listen so you’ll be ready for a whole week in honor of this unhinged masterpiece!


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