Read any good books (about Satan) lately?

For my Guys Lit Wire post this month, I want to suggest some books in which Satan plays a role.

There’s Ed Emberly’s Big Book of Hell, of course, but that’s for younger folks.

I’ve got two books that I really strongly recommend to “guys” – Lucifer’s appearances in Sandman and Michael Moorcock’s “The Warhound and the Cure for the World’s Pain.”

Surely I’ve read others, though, but I can’t seem to think of any*. Anyone want to jar my memory with a mention of such a book?

*It’s been so long since I read Heinlein’s “Job,” that I can’t remember if he hangs around with Satan or just goes to Hell.


One Response

  1. You know, I really can’t think of anything … The most-recent I can think of, by any stretch of the imagination (not counting Biblical references … I assume that’s not what you’re asking) is Dante’s “Divine Comedy” that I read about a year and a half ago. Unless, of course, you count His Dark Materials, but that wasn’t really about THE Satan.

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