Qwikpick: Good News! Great News!! bad news.

The good news is that The Qwikpick Adventure Society has been nominated for a Cybil, the bloggers’ kidlit award!

The great news is that this year it was nominated by someone I don’t even know!!!

The bad news, which you may have gleaned from that last sentence, is that Qwikpick was eligible last year and didn’t win. So it’s an extremely long shot to win this year.

But, man, it’s great to hear that someone out there digs it! The nominator was a school librarian from Parrsboro, Nova Scotia.

This seems like a great time to mention to other school librarians, public librarians, booksellers and the rest of the world that the book is still very available from Penguin. It’s even listed in the current catalog along with my next book, Stonewall Hinkleman and the Battle of Bull Run. Which is also well worth ordering … in bulk!


Meanwhile, Qwikpick’s big hope for good news lies in Nevada, where it’s part of a  state-wide reading frenzy. Kids will be voting on their favorites. (More bad news: Diary of a Wimpy Kid is also on the list.)

I recently sent a Qwikpick T-shirt to a school librarian who wanted to give it as a prize after the voting is done. Frankly, it would be fine to give it away BEFORE the voting, wink wink nudge nudge.


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  1. International acclaim!

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