Lovers of books, avocados, Pinkwater rejoice!

Hail, hail, the gang’s all here at the Avocado jubilee!

Folks, you know me, I don’t change text color unless something big is going on. And this is big!

It’s been a long, long wait as the chapters went up one, two or a few at a time. Finally, finally, Chapter 34 was posted and yes, at last…

The Snarkout Boys and the Avocado of Death is now available as a FREE audio book … read by the author! *

This book is worth spending real money on. (Which I have done at least twice.) To get it for free AND read by the silver-throated Pinkwater is simply incredible. This guy is really, really generous to his fans. He’s actually paying to make these available to us for free. What a guy! What a dude!

I’m hoping to have an Avocado of Death Week soon, similar to the Baconburg Horror Week we had last year. So download Avocado now and get started.


*Pinkwater’s henchman, Webmaster Ed, has also been putting audio books in the weekly Pinkwater Podcast. Slaves of Spiegel ran for several weeks recently and the current Podcast has Wizard Crystal.

And as I’ve mentioned before Lizard Music, possibly the best mid-grade novel ever written, is already up and waiting for you to download, along with Wempires, Second-grade Werewolf and other classics.

FURTHERMORE, Pinkwater devotees (or at least this Pinkwater Devotee) are now frothing at the mouth to find out what the next serialized audio book will be. Could it be … might it be…. ALAN M. Boy From Space, the Middlemarch of Mid-Grade Novels???????


All this and more at:


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  1. Sorry to go OT on you here, but when are you going to post the answers to your last (not quite daily) trivia question?!?! Or were my answers so off-base you’re trying to save me from embarrassment by conveniently forgetting?

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