What’s going on around here? Updates, politics, etc…

The big news is that the release date for Origami Yoda is now Spring(?) 2010. So don’t pre-order just yet.

Things just seem to be crazy around here. I’m going to have to make a list of the rest:

1) Cece has just finished an Obama skirt and a big yard sign for us. {that is… the skirt is for her, the sign is for us}

2) I made a Juggler(s) for Obama video…

I wish I could say it was part of a huge movement of jugglers, but I seem to be the only one so far. (I suspect many jugglers are for Obama they just had better things to do.)

3) I’ve become addicted to home-made fruit smoothies. Mmm carrot bits.

4) The diaper website I built isn’t working. Peter Principle at work? 

5) I’ve been juggling with the revived Virginia Tech juggling club. They’ve been asked to perform at half-time for a Roller Derby.

6) Censored twice in one week at the paper. Probably justified in both cases. In one case I wrote about this huge drainage ditch/pond right next to Main Street into which a big drainage pipe is now ready to discharge. It’s all part of a big new shopping center that I’m firmly opposed to.

So I wrote:

“Was it intended to look as if the Shopping Center was relieving itself into a giant toilet?”


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