Truth is stranger than (my unpublished) fiction

The first mid-grade novel I tried to write was a mystery set at Mountain Lake, a fluke of nature wherein a mountain actually has a lake on top.

I spent my summers near there when growing up and my father instilled me with a lot of the Mountain Lake lore — including the MISSING CIVIL WAR GOLD! Later I worked at the Mountain Lake Resort, where Dirty Dancing was filmed.

Anyway, I did a lot of work on a mystery set at the resort but never quite got it finished. (I did set part of Qwikpick2 there.)

Also, there is a old mystery kids book set there called “Mystery of Treasure Mountain” or some such.

But now, there’s a REAL mystery there.

The lake has been draining and it’s nearly empty now and down at the bottom they found … a very old DEAD BODY! Probably from the 20s or so. Here’s the story from my paper, the Roanoke Times.

His old McCreery wingtip shoes had Sullivan’s Safety Cushion heels held in place with six nails.

AND here’s the Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew part:

Investigators cleaned a key found near the body by placing it in a little foam cup filled with hydrogen peroxide. They were able to make out lettering that signified the key was made by the Norwalk Lock Co., a company that dates to the 1800s.


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  1. Years ago I read that an industrious writer will use the same material in different treatments. So you could follow this story and write both a straight journalistic treatment for adult readers and a middle grade novel. I plan to watch Bones in about 50 minutes so, yeah, I love this kind of thing.

    Wait! You can do a screenplay, also!

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