Sam News

Here are some Twitter-quality updates on my doings–

Joined nearly 1,000 other kidlit authors and illustrators in supporting Barack Obama on “Authors and Illustrators for Children.” Looks like I’ll fit in between Adam Rex and Lizzy Rockwell. Cece will be way up there in the Judy Blume area.

Have signed up to do a workshop at Roanoke College called “Middle School Redemption — Turning your worst day at school into a great story.” For more information, see “The Qwikpick Adventure Society.”

Odd Job: Much time spent building an online diaper store.

Feeling more confident about my diabolo routine for the International Juggling Association festival competition next summer. Invented cool new trick last night to replace weakest trick in the act.

Am considering another Dolly Parton Presents book to follow up Dixie Stampede Blues and Pigeon Forge Days, Dollywood Nights. See link on right sidebar to read more…

Excited about my WIP with sci-fi co-author Paul Dellinger.

Also excited about the poll that showed Obama winning Virginia!


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  1. Good work in VA. This might come as a shock, considering that you know I was backing a Republican in the primaries, but I’ve decided that if we have to have one of the two major party candidates win, I’d rather it be Sen. Obama. I trust him more and disagree with him less.

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